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Full support for the path forward

Reliance on renewables is growing fast. Since 2015, the annualized growth rate has achieved 15%, with targets ranging between 30 and 45% of total grid supply by 2030. Governance mandates in some areas may reach 100% by 2045 – some sooner. While the demand is there, developers are faced with a conundrum,  century old infrastructure supported by development and administration requirements that are equally incomplete. Engineering, siting, and equipment challenges are compounded by grid assurance obligations, PPA contracting, time to market, and counterparty risk issues. Navitas Assurance takes pressure off the balance sheet, simplifies grid assurance, and helps manage counterparty risk while enhancing your financial leverage. Renewables are here to stay. Leading by example – Navitas is creating, adapting participating with full support for the path forward.


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